Beware! Counterfeit Tech 2

As you all know counterfeit Tech 2 scan tools are nothing new to our industry. Often called, “Clones,” these poorly built units are common on internet sites that sell tools and equipment for pennies on the dollar. We recently had (one) at the training center and took some pictures before “The General” got involved and shut down the auction.

Here are a few things… Check the serial number on the back of the unit. Call the support number listed near the serial number and see who answers. This one had the serial number and all the other tags in a little bag and the phone number went to a credit card company. The reason the labels are not installed is so that the unit is claimed to be “unfinished goods” and will pass the custom agency of the county it was made in. Install the Candi Module and check to see if the LED lights up green and it’s not a green LED. It should be clear and light up green. This one was orange, and once the Candi was attached to the Tech2 it could not be found. In blue is the resulting error. The screen is another area to look at. The replacements are LED and are quite bright compared to the originals. The lexan cover that protects the screen should be epoxied and sealed to the front cover of the unit. This one was just sitting on top of the screen and could be moved with a finger. Opening up the unit proved the final nail in the coffin. Our engineer has repaired over 25 Tech2 devices and knows them very well. The components used and their location are different from the authentic units. Try removing the 32MB card. The door on this one was tough to open, and even then, the card would not slide out without hitting it. The case was also a dead giveaway. If you have tried to use an original case you know that the doors are hard to close usually requiring a good thump to snap both locks in place. This case had one lock not touching the lid while the other worked well enough. If you are looking at buying one, and are unsure, contact us and we will be happy to look the unit over. It is illegal to sell these units in the US with The General’s name on it. Their legal department is very serious about stopping the cloning of their tools. It is a Federal offense and the FBI is the agency that carries out the law. There have been raids on US sellers moreover the factories that make them offshore.