Office Manager

Title: Office Manager

Job Description: Need to manage a single line for incoming calls, perform shipping and receiving of products and stock items, pickup and delivery of packages and vehicles (this including manual transmission equipped vehicles), buying and replenishing of training center usables, perform light cleaning (floors, tables, restrooms, outside entrances, sweeping), printing and organizing classrooms materials, and maybe a few other typical office jobs.

Required Skills: Microsoft Office 2007, a valid Indiana driver’s license, have good customer and employee communication skills, display a friendly and positive attitude, able to work under deadlines and drive a manual transmission (don’t have to be an expert).

Available Work Hours: 8:30AM to 5:00PM from Monday – Friday. The actual work hours per day may vary. Expect the work week to be an average of 30 hours or so a week.

Pay: Hourly based pay commensurate based upon experience

If your interested please contact by email: