In Memory


In Memory of Larry Dillman 1933-2007

Text Written November 28th, 2007

Experience has taught me that 3am phone calls are never good. I received one yesterday morning. As many of you already know, my father, Larry Dillman, passed away 2:25am Tuesday morning at the nursing home he had been in since his stroke of February of this year. Since I called the EMS on February 28th, he had never been back home – he had spent all his time at the hospital and the nursing home. The day after Thanksgiving he returned home for the first time and spent the day with his family enjoying many of the things he has missed and nearly forgotten. All of his kids and most of his grand-kids were present.

Dad’s condition was not improving. Some recover from strokes, some do not. He could not walk or move his left leg. His doctors had already told us that he would not improve slowly deteriorating into a shell of his former proper and professional self. I’ll admit I was scared that he would continue this slow and debilitating path for many years to come – not a fitting end to a lifetime engineer who would mow the grass wearing a tie and dress socks. On the other hand I was not prepared for the news coming through the phone at 2:52am saying that he died in his sleep less than an hour ago. I was simply not prepared.

My Dad was my scientific adviser, teacher and consultant in almost every facet of my life. Without him I would not be the technician, trainer or father I am today and for that I am forever grateful.

Randy Dillman