Electronics Division

2001-2005, LeSabre, $150.00, Full Rebuild Service
Problems: Single Gauge, Bad Bulbs, Power Issues, Bad Display
01-05′ LeSabre, 03-05′ Rendezvous

1998-2004, Regal, $100.00-$125.00, Non-Rebuild Service
Problems: Single or Multiple Bad Displays
98-03′ Century, 99′ Park Avenue

1997, Sebring, $150.00
Problems: Bad Display, Bad Bulbs, Power Issues, Circuit Faults

EL Backlight, $150.00-$175.00
More recent model years require an external box installed. If not, an internal box will be installed.

Ram Series, $150.00
Problems: Single Gauge, Intermittent Power Issues

2002-2007, Explorer, $150.00
Problems: Single Gauge, Bad Bulbs, Intermittent Power Issues, Bad Display

05′ 500 Series, 07-08; Crown Victoria, Escape, 00-01′ Expedition, 02-07′ Explorer, 04-09′ F-150, 01-04′ Focus, 04-07′ Freestar, 05′ Freestyle, 05′ Mustang, 06-07′ Taurus

2003-2006, Trailblazer, $150.00, Full Rebuild Service
Problems: Multiple Gauges, Bad Bulbs, Bad Display

03-05′ Bonneville, 04-06′ Chevy 1500, 02-05′ Avalanche, 02-05′ Cavalier, 03-05′ Envoy, 05′ Equinox, 04′ Express Van, 03-06′ Impala, 03′ Malibu, 04-06′ Montana, 04′ Monte Carlo, 01-05′ Silverado, 03-07′ Suburban, 05′ Sunfire, 04-07′ Tahoe, 06-08′ Uplander, 03-05′ Venture, 03-07′ Yukon

ABS Module
Kelsey-Hayes, Silver-Top, $150.00
Problems: Relay Codes

Climate Control Head
Starting at $50.00
Problems: Bad Bulbs, Bad Display, Intermittent Issues, Dead Units

No Programming Needed, $175.00
Problems: No/Poor Start, Misfires

Ford ECM
2004-2005, Ford Escape, $250.00
Problems: Occasional Bad Fuel Injector Driver, and Typically Bad Coil Drivers
* No Programming Needed
* All coils need to be replaced with OEM equivalent parts prior to PCM install after initial repair.

How is the turnaround time determined?
If parts are currently in-stock the turnaround time is usually the same day once unit is received. If parts are on order than the turnaround time is determined when the parts are received.

What if an item is not listed for service?
We repair many other clusters and modules that may not be listed here. If that is the case, please contact us on specifics and we can let you know if that is available through us.

Currently in Development